Why Relocating Employees Deserve Departure Service Assistance          

Why Relocating Employees Deserve Departure Service Assistance          

Most HR departments will offer their relocating employees a standard destination services package upon arrival at the new location. These services typically include home search assistance, school search assistance, and orientation services among others.

It’s accepted that offering these services will help to reduce the stress level of their employee as they undergo a rather difficult transition, and ultimately will help make for a better start as they begin their new role at the company. Unfortunately, it’s rare to also a relocation package that includes departure service assistance at the point of origin, which can lead to greater stress and difficulty for the employee.

What are departure services and why are they important?

Departure services are basically destination services in reverse. The transferee has a large number of tasks to take care of before they depart their current location. This includes moving out of their home, cancelling the lease or find a renter for a home they own, closing local accounts and memberships, de-enrolling their children from school, and generally tying up loose ends before moving onto their new assignment. For employees and their families, it is a time consuming list of duties that gets compounded by the emotional stress of saying goodbye to friends and wondering about how life will be in their new home.

How can providing a departure services package help?

Relocation companies have local experts that understand the departure process and can help manage everything for the employee and their family. Having an experienced relocation consultant that can guide them through this difficult time is hugely helpful.

What are the key services in included in a departure services package?

  • Tending to the departure from their residence

When breaking a rental property lease the tenant must give notice to the landlord at a time frame that fits the agreement. Often times a formal notice of departure is required, delivered by registered mail. This notice letter should must be written using specific wording according to the law and be done in the local language of the country. To ensure that the process is done accurately and to prevent expensive mistakes, a professional relocation consultant should so all is done to the letter of the law.

A walk through inspection with the landlord is often required to see that no damages have occurred that might bring a deduction from the tenant’s security deposit. It’s recommended to do a walk-through inspection with a relocation consultant at least a month before the official checkout with the landlord so any damages can be repaired in advance. Most relocation companies offer a trusted handyman or local service providers to help with these repairs and keep costs down.

Arranging a professional cleaning of the property before departure is also recommended and can be arranged through the relocation company.

  • Closing up of accounts

There can be several local accounts that need closing before departure. These include internet services, mobile phone accounts, bank accounts, utility accounts, gym memberships, and more.

A relocation consultant can organize appointments so these accounts are closed before departure. This can be a huge time saver for the employee and having a local consultant can be an absolute necessity when moving from a country where the individual does not fluently speak the local language.

  • Creating and maintaining a plan for organizing departure

Having a relocation consultant with expertise on the departure process to create a plan for departure with the employee or their spouse can be incredibly helpful. The consultant will meet with them to discuss what tasks need to be done and determine all steps necessary to achieve a comprehensive departure. This helping hand provides peace of mind for the employee and their family, and is sure to make for a smoother transition to their new location.


To help your employee and their family manage this difficult transition as they move onto their new assignment, contact (Your relocation company). We’ll discuss the departure service packages we offer and exactly how we can serve you.

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