Wrote feature article promoting charitable work by The Voerman Foundation

I was asked by Voerman International to write a feature article about The Voerman Foundation and their support of local African communities.

These types of articles, while not about relocation services or the moving industry, are important to help clients understand the values of a company and the positive impact they try to have on the lives of people in the areas they work.

Please read the article below or follow the link, and contact us if you would like our cooperation in writing similar articles about your company.


The Voerman Group is grateful for the privilege we have been given to do business in our many locations in Africa. Along with this privilege, our charity The Voerman Foundation has the opportunity to humbly give something back to the local people in each of these locations by supporting charitable organizations that embody our goal to create meaningful, sustainable communities. One such group that we are proud to cooperate closely with in Africa is Hockey Dreams Foundation.

Hockey Dreams Foundation is a Dutch charity which helps put together hockey leagues and provides training and equipment to communities in over 10 African nations. The foundation engages with local people to organize the league, which is coached by Africans and focuses on giving local children and adults the opportunity to be in a positive environment to learn, play, and create friendships.

By giving people a healthy place to be under the guidance of wonderful local mentors and coaches, the organization has made a huge impact in these communities. Since 2012, it has helped thousands of people in their goals of personal achievement, working together, increasing responsibility, and being role models while keeping them away from negatives in society such as drugs, alcohol, and abuse.

The Voerman Foundation is proud to have our local moving and relocation company Africa Mobility Services working hand in hand with The Hockey Dreams Foundation to help serve the local people in the countries we are present. Our foundations share the same core values:

We believe in education as an essential means to create progress;
We believe in youth as the key to shaping a positive future;
We share common goals in our role in the positive development of communities in Africa;
We also wish to show our commitment to these communities by offering jobs at Africa Mobility Services to coaches within the Hockey Dreams Foundation.

To learn more about Hockey Dreams Foundation and what you can do to support the good they are doing, please click here

To learn more about The Voerman Foundation and our philosophy for making a positive contribution to the local communities we serve, you can read more here


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